CLARIN:EL is a Research Infrastructure for Language Resources & Technologies (LRTs); it is the greek part of the European CLARIN ERIC Infrastructure. It provides a multitude of assets related to Language Technology (LT) for and by Social Sciences and Humanities (and beyond), focusing mainly but not exclusively on Greek LRTs. The CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure operates as a distributed network of repositories consisting of:

  • the Institutional Repositories (created for each Organisation participating in the CLARIN:EL network) and

  • the Hosted Resources Repository (HRR), maintained by ATHENA RC.

Follow the links 1 to see the contents of each repository:

In the central inventory you will find the complete list of LRTs that have been published in the aforementioned repositories.


See how users are connected to their repositories and the whole infrastructure.


When there is no link, the respective organization has not created any resources yet.